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"Shh, don't tell anyone" - It's me!

I thought it was about time I tell you a little bit about intro and all that. Yes, there is a bio page on here but if you are anything like me then you will be nosy and like to know more about the person who is painting for you.

Well here I am!

I am 33.something and a bit plus VAT, now if you can work that out then I am extremely impressed.

I have 2 absolutely amazing little people, well one is little (5 years old) and the other is 13, not so little. Both boys, are hilarious, caring and quite simply scrumptious. They are my inspiration and the fuel to the fire in my jelly belly.

I love fact anything marmite related is a winner for me - I don't get peanut butter and just can't get my head around it, oh unless it has marmite in it.

My dream job at high school was to work as a stage designer, painting the scenery at top London Theatre's - ummmm I got a job in Procurement, that didn't go to plan did it.

Anyhow, I currently work a fulltime, high pressured, stressful day job in Procurement for a top branded company in the UK, managing a team of 8.

Believe it or not I actually spent (all in all) 5 years at Art college in Suffolk & Essex. In my final year I pulled together an incredible exhibition and sold the lot, the money I made from selling it all (remembering I was in my late teens / very early 20's) I decided to take my friends to the pub - SIGH........looking back that was pretty stupid, but at the time - damn we had a good time. I then got a job in the corporate world after it being drummed into me that you could never earn a living from painting, I then didn't paint again for 20 odd years - eeeeek think I have given away my actual age.

I absolutely detest ironing and couldn't think of a worse way to spend an afternoon / evening. I will also go to extreme lengths to avoid shopping, whether it's food, clothes or shoes - pass me the laptop and I will happily order online. The only shopping I enjoy is for cars or art supplies, anything else then it's a "hell no".

I love painting, life, positivity, being with my boys and my friends and family, I can be a bit spontaneous and think living in the present is the way forward. I am not a fan of negativity or of people who like to bring others down - "In a world where you can be anything be kind" Caroline Flack.

Lockdown for COVID reasons wasn't all bad, well the homeschooling whilst trying to work was a mission and not being able to see the hoooomans I adore was pretty pants but the one positive that came from it was that it got me painting again after 20 years. I have rediscovered my purpose in this bonkers world, the feeling I get when I paint is insane - no stress, no thoughts other than what I am painting and most of all when I see my work hanging in other peoples homes the feeling is off the scale.

I now have my own successful business painting and selling my work - better late then never!

My go to tipple is vodka, it used to be wine however pass me a voddi and coke zero and I am in a good space (only at weekends and in moderation) - wink emoji if there was one.

Today's dream............... To paint, day in day out and share my passion and work with others globally.


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