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When you wake up and want to and have to paint!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

It’s a feeling that is really hard to describe, a feeling of sheer excitement, calmness, fun and naughtiness all in one. The best feeling in the world - it comes from deep within, from the core and soul, this is when I just go for it and without any plan of action (opps), some might call it hoping for the best but I call it creativeness at its flippin finest.

Today - Sunday 28th March 2021, I did just that and had a brush in my hand by 9.30am, not bad for a Sunday (day off from the day job) and even better considering the clocks sprung forward 1 hour last night, so really it was 8.30am. When you get this overwhelming feeling you CANNOT waste it, you’ve got to go and reach for that pallet & brush. This painting is the first I’ve done on a dark background so I wanted to go for a striking colour to make it POP, I also decided to do something a bit different from normal so decided on a silhouette theme - they say the magic happens when you are out of your comfort zone so let’s see. Layer 1 complete (approx 2.5 hours)......tonnes more layers, splashes, splats, drips and flicks of paint to go.

Anyhow I just wanted to share that Sunday Art Soul feeling with you all because it is amazing and everyone should have something in their life that gives them that feeling, if you don’t please go in search of it as it really does rock!

Work in progress

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