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Davinia's passion for Art started at High School, she always dreamed of a career in stage design for the London Theatre scene.
After leaving school she went onto complete A 'Levels in Art & Design and Design & Communication complimented with a Photography diploma. Then came Art college for the next 3 years. 
Different PATH:
She then decided to pursue a corporate career (on the back of it being drummed into her that you could never make a living from Art). She has spent the last 16 years in various high level Procurement roles with some very famous branded organisations, sadly her art took a back seat.
Thank you LOCKDOWN:
On the back of the Global pandemic (COVID) and being stuck in lockdown, working her high pressured corporate job from home whilst home schooling her 5 year old son on her own she finally picked the brush up again in order to aid the mounting pressures of this bizarre new life, support her wellbeing and channel some positivity into people's souls. 
Davinia is now sharing her passion and Art work with the world, she hopes that you love her work as much as she loves doing it.
"Should have done it years ago"

Bio: Bio


Art with Purpose, Colour & Soul

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